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TSG offers IT support for financial services firms, including banks, credit unions, VCs, private equity firms, investment companies, financial advisors, accounting firms, and insurance agencies. We understand the challenges faced by your employees and the need for specific services, compliance, and 24/7 support whenever issues occur. A focus on cybersecurity is essential given the number of data breaches and other criminal activity occurring in the industry.

TSG’s managed cloud services let your employees work from anywhere, safely and securely.

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We can also help you with tech support issues including:

Regulatory Compliance

Financial service firms must comply with a complex set of rules and regulations at the federal and state level. Regulations often require you to protect proprietary information, mitigate risks, identify suspicious activity, conduct assessments, and avoid data breaches. TSG works with firms to stay current and compliant with applicable regulations.

Cybersecurity Planning and Management

As the target of cybercriminals, financial services need IT support to develop security plans that provide protection, detection, and rapid response. Ensuring employees are trained on cybersecurity threats, like phishing, can help keep sensitive data secure. Having automated data backups to offsite locations adds another level of security.

Storage and Infrastructure Performance

A secure network that runs efficiently is the backbone of any business. TSG analyzes your communications needs, reviews storage and network requirements, identifies applicable rules and regulations, and makes recommendations on enterprise-level solutions for your firm. Options include cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions.

Reliable Access for Customers and Employees

Customers want to know their money is safe and their accounts are easily accessible. Financial services firms can provide employees and customers with reliable and secure access via desktop and mobile apps, using two-factor authentication (2FA) or other security methods to keep bad actors out of the network.

Whenever one of your employees runs into a problem with a laptop, computer, or other equipment under our care, our support desk is only a call, chat, or email away. Contact us today to learn more about the IT support for financial services firms offered by TSG.